Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 1

HI E.K.U.L here TIME FOR THE BOOK!!!! (this book is in first person) Hi, I'm jack. Well,you probably know me already, so I'm a skinny, 5' 2" boy and have wings and can't even fly, not even glide. So I was climbing up the great tree when Jill an elf girl, shot a arrow at me and pinned my sleeve to the tree."WHAT?!?"I yelled.


"It isn't funny Jill."

"Yes it is."

I gave up and pulled my sleeve off and kept going. (I was going to school.) Once I got there my teacher Mr. Falcon said "Hello John."

"The name is Jack." I said.

"Today we have a guest....... Mr Giles Uncanny." The class went silent.

"H H Hi I'm Giles," he said.

"Mister Giles would you show the class what you can do."

"OK." about then I got scared. Then he said something and a ball of fire floated in the air. Then whoosh the ball of fire hurtled towards me. I jumped out of the way as the fire ball incinerated the wall behind me. (OK that is all for now bye.)


Nahla said... you want me to edit it or not?

EKUL said...

edit? it is edited

Nahla said...

Sorry, I meant something else. Never mind.