Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sorry Nahla, that was inconsiderate of me. It was your turn. Hayley and I were just were bored and needed something to do. sorry. OK,

1 The name for a female wizard is a witch.

2 Can we put BOB on the top ?

3 Are we going me,you,me,you until Hayley gets on the blog?

4 Do you like Giles?

5 Sorry again.

6 I like this blog.

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Nahla said...

1. Oh, that's right. Kasha's a witch, then.
2. Sure!
3. We should probably ask her first...I'm going there for piano today so I'll ask her then.
4. Yes.
5. S'okay. Really.
6. Me too!
Sorry about the blue text, but I couldn't get it to be blue when I was posting.