Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cookooness (Plus a Little of the Story)

Update- Sorry about the white text, but that couldn't be helped.

HELLOOOOO! I'm BACK :) :D :) YAAAAAA! Award please! No applause; thank you, thank you. Anyway, WE NEED TO WRITE!

Nahla is here now. So Nahla; WE need to write!

I'm writing... See?

LOL ha ha ha ...................................

Whaaaaaat????? You told me to write, so I'm writing. *Ahem* "Once upon a time, the end". How was that for story writing?

( I'm going to read the old post.)


Where'd you go?

The old post

Oh yeah. Right. I knew that. I was just messin' wi' cha.

Why were you messin with wi and cha?



I was actually trying to say that all along... Well, maybe not. But we still need to write... (By the way, the new turquoise color means both EKUL and I are writing.)

*Cough cough* * Ahem* I was sent back to my tent with no idea what had happened. And then I heard a voice; " Zenon, I'm hungry!" called Lily, my younger sister, from the bedroom.
Sighing, I looked in our food box, but, once again, it was empty. So I called to her, "We need to go to the river to get more food!"
"But NO swimming! It scares away the fish."
"AW! But Zenon! I've been waiting for eeeeeever. Pleeeeeeease?"
"No, you'll jut have to wait a little longer if you want to eat something besides leftover fish scales."
"EW! I won't swim, I won't swim!" She ran out of the bedroom as if she was being chased by a dragon. "Please, let me come, I'll be good!"
"Alright, but you need to be quiet. Agreed?"
(More later....)

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