Thursday, July 28, 2011

Even More...

Alrighty... I'm thinking it's time for me to start writing on here again. Yeah, probably. Okay, here goes...

Lily humphed, then sat down on a rock a few feet from me. I  vaguely noticed that all the birds had gone; everything was silent. But I was in a terrible mood, and just kept fishing. The fish must have been as stubborn as me, because I didn't get a single bite. We stayed like this for quite some time when suddenly I felt a tug on my line. "Finally," I grumbled, then started tugging back sharply to get the hook lodged into the fish's mouth.
I didn't hear the wing-beats; didn't even notice that the temperature had risen. I didn't know something was wring until suddenly the sky went dark as a large shadow covered the ground around me. I whipped around just as the blue-black dragon was grabbing Lily, lifting her into the sky. I yanked the fishing line out of the water as the dragon's huge claws lifted her higher. "Hang on, Lily!" I called as I ripped the fish from the hook. I then cast the line towards the dragon's wings, hoping to snag one of them. Amazingly, it caught the edge of the left wing, but only for a moment. With a small rip, the hook flew free and came down, snagging on a nearby bush.
I ran towards the dragon's fleeing form, not being nearly fast enough. I changed into the crow form, flapping my small wings until I was speeding towards them. With a slight movement, the dragon swiveled its head and sent a large wall of white towards me. I dove, my tail-feathers getting singed by the heat and fire.
I landed on the ground, then shifted back into myself. Exhausted, I lay there, panting. My last thought  before I fell asleep came out in a whisper- "Lily. Oh, Lily."

Not too good, but good enough for it being 12:34 AM. I repeat- AM; in the MORNING. Not that I'm complaining or anything. But anyway, I hope you liked it!

More of the Story

Hi. So.................... I say LETS GET WRITING. :) Ok, if you are not going to write, I will. Drum roll, please.... TIME FOR THE BOOK............. (You know the little flashing line is NOT helpful.) Okay-

As we were walking down to the river, I found myself whistling. Then I spied a crow spiraling down to land in a nearby tree. So I pulled out my bow and, selecting a raiser sharp arrow, I pulled it back to full draw and let go of the string, hitting its heart and slaying it instantly. It fell to the ground with a dull thwack. I ran over and grabbed it, feeling the new shift enter me. Then I tied its legs and slung it over my back. This all took but a few moments, and we were soon back on trail, ready to get fishing. We were fishing (or I was fishing; Lily was sitting there looking bored) when Lily begged,  "Can I go swimming yet?"
   "NO!" I said. 
   "It scares the fish."

That's all for now.