Monday, October 25, 2010

we need to get this blog going

We need to get this blog going, So hear is the order of operation,

1 We need to get Hayley invited.

2 And are we having a writing order. (I vote no.)

3 We need a new background.

4 (WOW I thought we had more!)

EKUL logging off.

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Nahla said...

1. I agree. I would've already invited Hayley, but she was having trouble signing on to blogger. Maybe I can invite her through Jillian's e-mail. I'll see...
2. I think we should have some kind of order, such as who writes the next chapter so it doesn't get all chaotic.
3. I agree with that too. You can look through the website http/ and we can agree on a background.
4. Me, too! Hey, I'll try to get a sidebar up for Hayley.
(Do you want me to continue, and if so, do you want me to continue Jack's story, or should I write about one of my characters?)