Saturday, October 2, 2010


Do y'all (all two of you) like the header? If not, just say and I'll change it. By the way, here are nine more headers I've made that I can change it to-

You can tell me which one you like best, or if you want I can change it back to the original way.



Jillian said...

Oh, so you started it now. Well I wish you had let me know! I am no longer a part of His Handmaidens so this is going to be a little bit tough as far as trying to work things out. the password got changed without my knowledge and no one will tell me the password.


Jillian said...

I wanted to follow this blog and so that follower is actually me.


Nahla said...

(To first comment)~ The reason for not letting you know is because I didn't know if we were actually going to use this blog, or if I was just going to delete it. But I guess we will be using it, as far as I know... Let me know when I can invite you, and I will.
(To second comment)~ Okay. thanks for following! That, two followers! Woohoo! :)

EKUL said...

HI Nahla. Hi Hayley