Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chapter 3

E.K.U.L here TIME FOR THE BOOK!!!!!! (this part is about some one else)

Hi I am Zenon. I'm a shape shifter I'm 13. oh and first you need to know the laws of shape shifting

1 you can only shift in to some thing you touched

2 you can only shift in to animate objects

3 if you shift you only have the natural abilities of that animal.

OK so I was going to fighting lessons when I passed Galway and he said "Hey! you like minotaurs Zenon I jest got one!" "Well Galway ever since our teacher said we could get our own I have got at lest three others!"I lied. I hadn't got even one
"WOW! Zenon I didn't know you had that in you.Well bye. "said Galway. great jest great I thought well at lest I had two hours to get three things so I shifted in to a eagle, and flew to the cages. There are all sorts of monsters there but when I got there there were only two, a bird man and a manticore. So I got those two then I flew to the center of the camp and landed next to the statue and then I shifted into my self and leaned against the Iron statue of a drake and muttered "I wish you were real." then I felt the familiar feel of gaining another shift."What I can't shift in to inanimate objects.Well it is worth a try."I thought. so I tried "WHAT"I looked identical to the iron drake."Waite that is three! oh ya!" I punched air in victory so I happily shifted back in to a falcon and made a B line to practise so once I got there I herd some one say "charge!" I twisted around and thought "ambush!"my intire teem was charging ME and guess who was leading, Galway in minotaur form.(We have a tradition that the last one here gets ambushed.) so I played there game I charged Gaway right before we collided I shifted in to the drake and tackled Galway.(There was only one problem with my plan I forgot about the 20 plus other shape shifters.) So when I turned around I saw............

(What did he saw?)

( I saw this- ?????????)

(This is Fred.)
(Ekul, you say that your guy saw a bunch of giant question marks?????)
( NO! that is my cliff-hanger.)
(we are going to another post)

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