Saturday, January 8, 2011


"LUCY, I'M HOME. Ha Ha Ha, ok, but really WE NEED TO GET WRITING. This is an information post. We're not in Florida anymore. We need a new name for the world (you can have that Job Nala). The tree is a Banyan tree. Jack and Jill need new names like for Jack Ture, Loman, Ziv, Zoland, Teford.
That is all for now. Bye.

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Nahla said...

Yeah, I like Ziv. Here are some names for the world that I came up with about 0.001 seconds before writing them down.
-Cainne (Who knows how to pronounce it... maybe CAIN or KIE-nay (kie rhyming with die))
-Lofthay (LOF-thay (lof rhyming with cough))
-Jonakn (jo-NA-ken (the 'j' sounds like the 's' in treasure))
-Runkai (roon-KIE or ROON-kie)
-Ainpholi (EYE-nuh-FO-lee)
-Tsii (only one syllable; it's kind of hard to say)
-Banyani (bahn-YA-ni)

I can come up with more...